Let Us Improve the Air Quality of Your Home

Protecting the air quality of your Kansas City-area home involves several factors. We have the answers to your air quality questions, and we specialize in improving indoor air quality for homes and businesses.

At Climate Control Heating & Cooling of Kansas City, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the air quality results you deserve. Through our comprehensive selection of services and treatments, our skilled professionals can help protect what matters most in your home or business: the people.

How We Can Help Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide poses one of the biggest threats to your indoor air quality. A leak of this poisonous, odorless, and tasteless gas can result in anything from a headache or nausea to fatality. The solution? A state-of-the-art detector is one of the easiest ways to ensure the air you breathe is safe. These air quality solutions detect even trace levels of this dangerous gas and have a longer battery life than other detectors on the market.

When it comes to protecting your air quality, a low-level carbon monoxide detector is an indispensable tool that should be a staple in every home and business. Carbon monoxide detectors are not just important in the wintertime — these tools are crucial all year long.

Unsure what makes these safety systems so important? Climate Control Heating & Cooling of Kansas City is dedicated to making buildings and homes safer places. Because of this, we have provided a short overview covering why low-level carbon monoxide detectors are important and where you can find quality units.

Why These Safety Tools Matter

Just as the name suggests, carbon monoxide detectors serve to alert you to the presence of carbon monoxide. This tool plays such an instrumental role in keeping you safe because carbon monoxide is an otherwise undetectable and incredibly poisonous gas.

Because this gas is odorless, tasteless, and colorless, it can be very dangerous, especially for the elderly and small children. When you consider the fact that carbon monoxide can be created by something as simple as the improper burning of natural gas and any carbon-based material, you realize how real this threat is and why this safety precaution is so important.

Humidifiers and Air Purifiers

Both humidifiers and air purifiers can play a pivotal role in improving your home’s indoor air quality. High-performance air purifiers are unsurpassed in their ability to remove airborne particulates from your breathing space. This will significantly reduce the amounts of contaminants such as cigarette smoke, pet dander, spores, pollen, dust mites.

A humidifier can have a positive impact on the quality of air you breathe, affecting your skin, sleep quality, and nasal passages. In fact, this technology has been proven to help reduce snoring, make skin less dry and itchy, and reduce nasal passage irritation induced by dry air.

Dry, warm air can take a toll on more than our mood, affecting both our skin and breathing. Often, it is hard to regulate your indoor air quality in the wintertime.

Instead of sniffling and itching your way through the cold weather, introduce a humidifier to your home.

This small addition of a humidifier can have a huge impact on your skin, breathing, and — you guessed it — overall air quality. For an affordable price, this addition can be easily integrated into your Kansas City home or business.

How Air Purifiers and Humidifiers Help

  • Less Itching: One of the biggest benefits most people report from using a humidifier is that it can help to prevent or lessen the severity of dry, itchy skin. More moisture in the air from a humidifier equates to relief of dry skin and increased overall comfort for yourself and your family.
  • Nasal Passage Protection: When the air is extremely dry, your nasal passages become itchy, uncomfortable, and often, more prone to nosebleeds. How can a humidifier help? It’s simple. The humidifier puts more moisture in the air, which in turn lubricates this otherwise dry, damaged area.
  • Less Snoring:Did you know a dry throat makes you more likely to snore? Just as a humidifier works to lubricate the nasal passages, it prevents your throat from becoming overly dry. Although this isn’t a permanent fix for snoring, a humidifier can help alleviate any dry air-induced snoring.
  • UV Light Filtration: Looking for another way to protect your indoor air quality? Our UV filtration systems are a simple way to help with the following: elimination of odors, removal of bacteria and viruses, assistance in keeping allergens at bay, and the enhancement of the overall quality of your indoor air.

Benefits of Improved Air Quality

Here are some of the most significant benefits you’ll see from improving your home or business’s air quality:

  • Fewer allergies
  • Easier breathing
  • Increased productivity for businesses
  • Better resale value on property
  • More ventilation throughout the house helps to increase comfort

It’s easy to forget that the quality of air in your home or business can dramatically affect the inhabitants’ quality of life. Contact us today to learn more about our air quality testing services and indoor air quality products.

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