Does Your Home Need an Upgrade Over an Aging or Inefficient Air Conditioner?

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How old is your air conditioner? You may have to pause and think about the answer to that question, especially if your air conditioner was already a part of your home when you bought it. Hopefully you’ve kept all the records, even if you didn’t put in the unit yourself—it’s good to know how old your air conditioner is, because air conditioners have a lifespan. Your average air conditioner will last between twelve and eighteen years, which is a long time, but if you’ve owned your home for fifteen years or more, or it’s been that long since you replaced your air conditioner, it’s definitely time to start thinking about upgrading your system. While it may seem like a pain in the neck to call in an air conditioner repair service in Kansas City to replace your air conditioner—especially now that the temperatures in the Kansas City area are rising—but once you take the plunge and replace your system, you’ll almost certainly find that the comfort of your home and your home’s energy efficiency alike are increased. And that’s all great!

If you’re not sure how old your air conditioner is, but you think it might be in the 12-18 year range, your air conditioner is probably showing signs of age. Maybe it’s running continuously as it tries to keep your house cool. Maybe you’ve noticed your energy bills are higher these days, even if you’ve been keeping a careful eye on your air conditioning usage. These are both excellent indicators that it’s time to consider replacing your air conditioner. Another would be your comfort level. Are you warm in your home? Do you feel there is inconsistent humidity among the rooms of your home? You should also take a stroll outside and inspect the unit yourself. If there are strange sounds coming from it, it’s definitely time to call your air conditioner repair service.

Think about the rapid pace of technology—can you imagine using a cell phone or a computer that’s over a decade, or close to two decades, old? While air conditioning technology might not progress at that rapid of a pace, you can be sure that a more modern air conditioning system will serve you better, and more efficiently, than some old hunk of metal that runs constantly without working well. You might even decide it’s time to switch to a different sort of air conditioning system altogether, such as a ductless air conditioner!

If it’s time to replace your air conditioner, don’t despair. For residents of Kansas City, Climate Control Heating and Cooling has been in the air conditioning service, repair, and replacement business since 1987. You don’t need to worry about finding an air conditioner repair service you can trust. We pride ourselves on providing the same friendly and reliable service to homeowners and businesses in the greater Kansas City area that we’ve been providing for thirty years. So, when enough years have passed that you need a new air conditioning unit—or a new kind of air conditioning system altogether—call Climate Control Heating and Cooling. We’ll be pleased to take care of whatever you need!

Feeling the heat? Contact Climate Control Heating and Cooling in Liberty, Missouri today to talk about replacing your worn old air conditioner. Call us today at (816) 781-1997.

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