Comfort Bear here. Let me tell you something about my cousins from the Arctic:

When they’re looking for a tasty meal, they rely on a sharp sense of smell. It’s so strong that they can even smell prey from under the ice.

If you humans had a sense of smell that good, you might be able to sniff out a fishy HVAC contractor. A bad HVAC contractor is a huge loss of both time and money, but it can be difficult to spot them.

Of course, humans do have something like this sense of smell, but they call it their intuition and experience. I’ll share some of that experience with you so you can sniff out a bad contractor.

They Only Focus on Heating and Air

The main reason you’re going to hire an HVAC contractor is that they do heating and air services. And you might not even need them for anything more than a simple furnace repair service in Blue Springs, MO. So why should it matter if they do other services?

Well, in the entire HVAC picture, heating and cooling are just part of it. There’s also the factor of indoor air quality, efficiency, and safety. Simply installing a heater, for example, isn’t going to improve indoor air quality—it might even make it worse. A good HVAC contractor is going to have these factors in mind well before they begin installing systems in your home.

If your contractor of choice isn’t capable of these other services, it could mean they’re not able to assess your home with the bigger picture in mind. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it certainly won’t help you in the long run if these issues do arise.

No Affiliations With Top Brands

Someone pretending to be an excellent HVAC contractor most likely won’t have brand affiliations. Why does it matter? Because those brands are putting their reputation on the line by affiliating themselves with that contractor.

For example, if you were to get a Trane system installed by an approved Trane contractor, you’d be getting an installation that meets Trane’s high standards. Trane will continue to affiliate themselves with that contractor as long as they continue to do stellar work.

So if you find that your contractor has several years of experience but no affiliation with a brand, it could mean they don’t work well with others. In other words, they aren’t willing to prove they have the skills and expertise to do the job properly.

If you’re looking for an HVAC contractor that provides comfort and care, go with us: the team with the bear! Contact Climate Control Heating & Cooling today to schedule a service.