What is a Ductless AC and Heating System and What are the Benefits?

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Drive around any residential area in America these days, and you’ll likely see a new housing development featuring modern homes with all the amenities springing up. But believe it or not, the majority of homes in the United States were built between 1900 and 1945, according to a report done by This Old House and a housing survey by the U.S. Census. This means there’s a good chance that most of the homes in America may have originally been built without central air—you know, the sort of air conditioning system that places ducts that are connected to a central air conditioning unit throughout a home, giving you total climate control. While many people with older homes have added central air conditioning as an upgrade or remodel, according to the same U.S. Census report, only about 70% of homes had central air installed in 2009.

Any home built today will have central air conditioning, but what if you’re looking to buy a quaint older home, or are already living in your dream “fixer upper” and don’t want to move to a new development? As the temperatures begin to climb, you may question that decision, as window or wall units can only do so much as summer comes in. So, what’s a homeowner who wants to add a cooling system to a home without central air to do?

There are only a few options in a situation like that. Between adding central air or adding a ductless AC and heating system, the ductless system is the easier and less expensive option. Here at Climate Control Heating and Cooling, we’re big fans! Why? Well, ductless air conditioning systems are small. Typically installed near the ceiling of your home, they’re not all that noticeable, and are very quiet because they direct cool (or warm) air directly to the rooms in which they’re installed, and don’t rely on a noisy blower fan to push air through ductwork in your home.

Ductless air conditioning and heating systems are also typically much more energy efficient—up to about 30% more efficient than central air systems or window units. They also cool your home faster, and help keep it cooler longer on a room-to-room basis. Part of this generally superior efficiency is the ability of ductless air conditioning systems to cool or heat specific areas of your home at particular times of the day and the night. Most central air conditioners will only cool the entire house to the same temperature as set by the thermostat.

Another amazing benefit of ductless air conditioning systems is their built-in filter, meaning they’re better in general for those who suffer from allergies or sensitivity to particulate matter such as pollen or dust. Sure, central systems have filters, but they have to force air through ductwork that may accumulate dust or particles over time.

Even if you already have central air conditioning, you may wish to install a ductless system if you need to cool an addition to your home, or want it for a garage or detached building on your property. And if you’re relying on portable space heaters, which can potentially be quite dangerous, or window mounted AC units that never quite satisfy, get in touch with Climate Control Heating and Cooling today. We’ll get you set up with a new, better, more energy-efficient ductless AC system today!

Why not be comfortable in your own home, winter or summer? Contact Climate Control Heating and Cooling in Liberty, Missouri today at (816) 781-1997.

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