You all have always maintained my a/c & furnace and you guys do a great job. You installed my new system just a little over 2 yrs ago and it’s been a satisfying purchase. Everyone who works there that my wife & myself have had the pleasure of dealing with have always been really kind. The office staff has always made us seem like a priority and that is a wonderful feeling. We appreciate small companies who go above and beyond. Kudos to you all!

Margaret Fales

Called in to let us know that she really appreciated Dan’s service. She stated that she had a problem with one of her vents not putting out any air for quite some time, many different technicians had been out there but no one was ever able to officially solve the problem until now. Dan she wanted you to know that she thinks you are an amazing technician who really cares about your customers and that in itself is admirable. She is very pleased with Dan and his ability to explain everything he has done in great detail.

Dana Jensen

She really appreciated that he was so knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Dana said Lance is by far the best technician she has had the pleasure of dealing with. Dana also had lots of things to say about Climate Control as a whole. She wanted to let us know that she personally called Trane to praise CC, letting them know that they have an A+ company representing their product. Dana says she has recommended us to several people and will continue to do so. CC Office staff and Lance have made a lifelong customer out of her, she can’t thank us enough!

Jennifer Johnson

I request Paul Merrick as my maintenance/repair service man from here on. He exemplifies the first statement above in your mission statement.

Mrs. JoAnn Stuckey

All three men were such gentlemen, professional, knowledable and friendly.” “James, Don & Tony take pride in themselves which shows in their work, that is something not only company’s but customer’s admire. Keep up the wonderful work!” “Thank you again for everything!

Fred Berg

So impressed with Climate Control as a whole, but more specifically with Lance and Allin. He said he respects and supports Lance for all of his help, and dealing with the insurance people with him. He said Allin was so helpful with the duct part of things, and he really appreciates him as well.

Mr. Schlifka

Mr. Don Chaney was professional, knowledgeable, and took very good care of me.

Rob Rance

Wonderful People – Great Service; It really is a pleasure to see how much Climate Control cares about their customers. They are extremely focused on providing absolutely the best customer service.

Bob and Marie Johns

THANK YOU, ROBERT OATMAN! Climate Control, you do not know it yet, but there is a hero among you! Bob was at our house several times in the past month, trying to diagnois the problems we were having with our heat pump/air conditioning unit. Although there were several issues, and he was able to correct them, one at a time, chasing parts, process of elimination, we were still having issues with the electricity when the fan blower came on. Bob kept trying different things, persistant in resolving the eluding problem… He found it! There was a loose wire in our breaker box! But while he and my husband were checking out that ground wire, they spotted a flash point and a possible burn inside the breaker box…. Bob alerted us to call an electrician, he wanted us to get that checked out immediately. The history of this is, another climate control rep had been here and replaced a breaker, KCPL and been here, and two other electricians had been here trying to resolve the issue with the fan blower/electrical brownout correlation. NO ONE FOUND THAT BURN MARK, nor DID ANYONE see the flash point! THANK YOU BOB, for being a great technician and for your persistance, as the FIND in our breaker box may very well have saved us from a disasterous house fire! Bob amd Marie Johns

Pamela Cain

Just had my A/c installed yesterday and the crew did a great job, very professional and nice. It’s rare these days to have true Customer Service as Climate Control offers. Thank You , I would and will,highly recommend you Company to anyone.
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