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Kansas City, MO Air Conditioner Repair Company

If you’ve lived in the Kansas City, MO area for any length of time, you know that “climate control” is a big deal. Between scorching summers and freezing winters, having a good heating and cooling system can make all the difference between relaxing in the comfort of your home and being at the mercy of the elements. You need top-notch HVAC systems to make it through the year comfortably, and you need reliable HVAC contractors to keep those systems up and running.

At Climate Control Heating and Cooling, we’ve been taking care of Kansas City home and business owners since 1987. With extensive experience in the industry and some of the best technicians around, we can take care of all your heating and cooling needs.

Our HVAC Services

Every building has unique heating and cooling needs, and we offer a full range of services to meet those needs. Those services include:

All of our services come backed by our three decades’ experience in the HVAC industry, and we stand behind our work with a 100-percent-satisfaction guarantee.

What Sets Us Apart

Of course, there are plenty of HVAC companies that offer a comparable range of services. Here’s what’s special about getting HVAC repairs, maintenance and installation from Climate Control:

Fair Pricing

We’re here to help our customers save money, but we do it with an eye on the long term. That means we don’t cut corners to give you the absolute lowest price up front, then charge you more for repairs when an improperly installed or maintained system breaks down. Instead, we charge a fair price and get the job done right the first time.

Energy Efficiency

Between budgetary constraints and environmental concerns, more and more homeowners are concerning themselves with energy efficiency, and since heating and cooling account for nearly half of the average home’s energy usage, we believe HVAC companies should be at the forefront of dealing with energy issues. We’re committed to providing highly efficient climate control through proper installation and maintenance, air sealing and home performance assessments.


While we believe our services will help you save plenty in the long term, we also know that the up-front cost of an HVAC service can be prohibitive. That’s why we offer online coupons and specials that will help you save even more. In partnership with Wells Fargo, we also offer home project financing so you can get the services you need now and pay for them when you can.

We’re also proud to be a Trane Comfort Specialist, an honor that’s only given to HVAC companies that have demonstrated a commitment to excellence. Trane Comfort Specialists stay up to date on the latest technologies in the industry, which means you’ll always get maximum efficiency, reliability and comfort. Moreover, we constantly study and learn as a team to stay abreast of the latest techniques and best practices.

At Climate Control Heating and Cooling, we’re proud to be the HVAC contractors of choice for many Kansas City families and businesses, and we’re always working to offer even better service. Give us a call today to see how we can help your family stay comfortable at home.


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