“Ah, it feels SO nice in here!” THAT is what we want to both feel and hear from others when they come into our home, and when it comes to energy efficiency and getting homeowners the best options for a new air conditioner that fits their home and is humming like a finely tuned racing car, Climate Control is the HVAC company of choice for many satisfied customers in the Kansas City metro!

If you suspect your AC unit may not be up to the task of keeping you cool much longer (or as cool as you’d like it to be) let alone working next summer, it may be a good idea to consider replacing your HVAC system with a new system now. The Comfort Bear and Team are here to help you decide if it really is time to do so, or if you can maybe get by with another HVAC system repair vs replacing that old system

If your air conditioner and heating system is under 10 years old and hasn’t had a lot of repair needs in that time and has had regular tune-ups and regular maintenance as needed, it’s a different story, than one that’s over 15 years old and has had multiple issues like refrigerant leaks, compressors, condensers, adding freon every year, and so on. We’ll elaborate below, as we go through the reasons you may want to consider replacement of your old system with a new high-efficiency central air conditioner instead of continuing to go through AC repair after repair as well as higher energy bills:

Your AC System is Costing More to Operate Each Month

As your air conditioner ages, it will gradually start losing its efficiency as parts wear down, which will cause your air conditioning unit to run longer to get to the temperature on your thermostat. At first, this efficiency loss won’t be noticeable. Eventually, however, it will end up becoming so severe that the air conditioner will run much longer than normally needed, resulting in energy cost increases and causing additional repair costs of your cooling system.

The longer operating time will drive up the monthly cost of using your air conditioning system or heat pump. Essentially, if your AC system is costing much more to use per month than you think it should be, it could very well be because you need a new high efficiency central air conditioner in place of your current system, which could also result in energy savings for years to come.

You Need Frequent Repairs

Needing a repair every now and then isn’t a big deal. Every few years or so, for example, you might need to have a component replaced or a part adjusted even with routine maintenance. However, if you find your air conditioner needs repairs multiple times a year, it’s time to consult with a professional technician about the benefits of upgrading.

This level of frequency in repair needs is usually due to the system finally succumbing to years of wear and tear. The various components inside it are beginning to fail in groups, causing the frequency and cost of repairs to skyrocket. Continuing to repair the system once it reaches this point is going to waste money. You’ll likely need to replace it soon anyway. It’s better to do this now, and be able to rely on it for the rest of the summer and not worry about it next year.

Your AC Is Over 15 Years Old

Even assuming you schedule preventive regular maintenance each year, tune-ups,  and call for repairs as soon as you notice any problem, you can’t expect your central air conditioner to last indefinitely. Eventually, the older system will get old enough that it just isn’t worth keeping around anymore and the incentives that come with a new unit are too much to resist, especially with competitive replacement costs for high efficiency systems with high SEER ratings, (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and energy star ratings. Not to mention the latest indoor air quality system additions that our HVAC contractors can offer homeowners to keep their families breathing easier.

The average lifespan for an air conditioner is 10-15 years, as we alluded to above, and can be considered an older unit. Some of the older units still in service use the previous generation of r-22 refrigerant. After this point, your air conditioner starts to accumulate chronic issues that will make it increasingly expensive to keep it up and running. If your AC has reached this point, it’s definitely worth consulting with a pro about a new system installation.

When you do need quality air conditioning repair in Kansas City, MO from qualified HVAC technicians to help keep your home cool or replace your old air conditioner, look for “Comfort & Care from the Team with the Bear”. Contact Climate Control Heating & Cooling today!