The short answer to this is, “it depends,” but read on!

Did your air conditioner give out after a long and hard summer? Or maybe your heater quit on you last winter and you’re ready to get a new one before the winter arrives.  

When it comes to replacing your AC unit, or your entire air conditioning system, there are different views of when the best time is to look at replacing or upgrading to a central air conditioning unit. Some say off season, such as during the cooler months in Autumn or winter months when the cooling systems are not in high demand because the outside has cool air, believing the new price for a new air conditioner can be lower during that time, while others say wait for HVAC companies and retailers to offer rebates to get the best prices on a new AC system.

“Should I Schedule My HVAC Installation Now?”

Yes, actually. Now is the perfect time to schedule either an AC installation or a furnace installation. This is the time of year that HVAC technicians are the most available—that is, you won’t see them out on as many emergency calls as HVAC contractors scramble to repair malfunctioning cooling HVAC units or heating systems

With the weather cooling down outside but still mild enough that you don’t need your air conditioner, right now is a great time to consider an HVAC system installation. Remember, too, that you should only ever work with a HVAC professional for new central air systems and new models. Only a trained and experienced HVAC professional will understand all that goes into a successful installation for a new unit—from determining the appropriate size of the system to ensuring it’s the best, most efficient heater type for your home that will have the longest lifespan, regardless of the time of the year, be it winter months or summer months.

Things That Can Impact Your  HVAC Installation Cost

Again, it depends. The average HVAC equipment cost will vary depending on brand and manufacturer, in addition to other factors such as potential rebates and even the type of system. One thing you want to remember when selecting your HVAC equipment is that you don’t want to go with a particular brand just because it’s what your neighbor has.

Depending on your specific needs and your budget both now and in the long run, you’ll want to select a brand that gives you the most value. Our team would love the opportunity to help you make an educated decision in this manner. Below we’ve listed some more factors that go into determining HVAC installation costs:


Size: The installation cost of your HVAC equipment will also depend on size. You might be thinking, “well, I will just buy the biggest system I can afford”—but remember, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better! A heater or air conditioner can be too large for a home just like it can be too small.


Ductwork: Do you already have ductwork in your home? If you have a central air conditioner or central furnace, then you do. But, what kind of shape is it in? You can actually be losing about 30% of the conditioned air you pay for through breaches in your ductwork.

If you have aging air ducts that have accumulated tears or pinhole leaks, you may want to consider having them repaired and/or replaced when you have your installation done—and this will of course add some costs to the job.


SEER Value: SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and this is the measurement of the efficiency of your system. SEER ratings go from as low as 10.9 up to 23, with 10.9 being the least efficient and 23 being the most.

Just like with size, don’t automatically assume that the highest SEER rating is the best match for your home—you want to consider your budget now and how much return it will actually afford you throughout your living in your home.


When it comes down to it, due to special incentives that our team provides in the offseason, yes, it’s cheaper to schedule your HVAC system installation now! No matter what type of air conditioning system you have, we can help you go from emergency window air conditioners and window units to a new central air system, or even a mini-split of heat pump!

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