4 Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

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Many people pollute their homes without even knowing it. This is most often due not to negligence, but to being unaware of the culprits of poor indoor air quality. However, by familiarizing yourself with the causes of poor air, you can drastically improve the breathability of the air and comfort of your Liberty, Missouri, home. Here are a few things to look for.

Air Fresheners

Although air fresheners are a great way to give your home a lovely smell or provide a festive aroma to fit the holiday season, they often do more harm than good. Many of these products contain a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause respiratory problems and even cancer when inhaled. Instead of relying on these air fresheners, use natural products to improve the smell of your home.

Poor Ventilation

Another cause of poor indoor air quality is improper ventilation. If you rely heavily on your HVAC system to regulate temperature instead of opening windows, you may have a high risk for substandard air quality. When temperatures outside are comfortable, try opening the windows rather than using heating or air conditioning. This helps circulate the air and remove harmful contaminants from the home.

Chimneys and Fireplaces

Everyone loves the ambiance, aroma, and great visual aspects provided by a nice, warm fire. Over time, however, this area becomes problematic as soot and combustion particles enter the home. To eradicate this problem, it’s important to use a chimney cleaning log or have your chimney professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Old Filters

If you haven’t done so already, try to make a habit of regularly replacing your filters. It only takes a few minutes and goes a long way in reducing harmful pollutants that can make you sick. Try to change filters in your HVAC system, humidifier, and air purifier at least once every 30 to 90 days.

The best way to improve indoor air quality is to stay on a rigorous cleaning and maintenance schedule. However, if you feel as though you need a professional assessment, call Climate Control KC at 816-479-5903 today.

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